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(CCMA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Earning a CCMA will fulfill employer requirements, access better career opportunities, maximize earning potentials and enhance your knowledge and skills in the job market!

Skills performed by Medical Assistants


Medical Assistant Training 

At MISG, we prepare our students to assist physicians and nurses by performing administrative duties and basic clinical duties in an office or medical center. Students need a laptop computer for this course.


Hands on training....

Every student receives a tote bag with training supplies used during lab training. We believe that hands on is the best method for skill training. 

 Medical Assistants learn skills that assist the physician with patient care in the doctors office.

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Completion requirements

Successful completion of the CCMA program requires the following:

  • Class attendance

  • Active participation

  • Lab hours

  • Clinical hours

  • All fees complete

  • 80% on the Final Exam

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