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Donate to the Medical Institute of South Georgia


MISG a 501c3 Tax exempt nonprofit training institute aims to equip, empower and elevate every student that enters our doors. In order to do that successfully we need your help!



Our vision at MISG is to be the health career education provider of choice for all individuals who desire access to quality health education that is affordable, effective and efficient.

Our Mission at MISG is to equip students by providing quality up-to-date health career education, to empower every student by teaching, developing and maintaining knowledge in each chosen field of study enhancing their opportunity to obtain employment. This will in turn elevate every graduate, their family and our great community.


   For 18 years, we operated Ycarte' Health Career Center with our very small team of committed Individuals. In all, with all of the health career services provided, approximately sixteen thousand individuals have received health education training.....that's 16,000 Individuals entering into healthcare somewhere in our city or a city near you. 

   In lieu of the rising need for medical staff, increased number of sick family members, and shortage of trained personnel, we are reaching out to you. Today it's your neighbor in need of medical care, but tomorrow it could be you.

       Will you help me prepare for our tomorrow's health care providers. We want competent, caring individuals who are compassionate. 

Call us today and pledge to help us build a facility to train our healthcare professionals


Join our Building Campaign

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We Thank You for your donation!
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